Why High Raw

Eating a high raw diet can sustain your optimal health, reduce the toxic charge that comes with modern foods, and prevent or cure widespread health conditions, from minor discomforts to more severe civilization diseases.

To opt for health and self-empowerment and start on the raw food journey — be it partly, highly or fully raw — you need to understand how the food you eat impacts you and learn how to prepare healthy, natural, mostly raw food meals that are also delicious, energizing and fun!

Raw plant based foods are the most nourishing, vibrant, living, easy to digest things on earth that were designed to perfectly meet our needs. Fruits, vegetables, and greens have an abundance of vitamins and living enzymes – specialized particles that digest proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. They tremendously help our body in building and burning reactions. During cooking, high temperatures destroy these delicate proteins (some of them by as little as 105 degrees Fahrenheit), and without them, our digestive organs have to work much harder (to produce more enzymes) when dealing with eaten food. Although the enzyme-producing organs continue to do their job over the entire course of a healthy life, they may eventually wear down (wear down sooner). The extra activity can be detrimental to health and longevity, because it continually taxes the reserve energy of our organs. In addition, cooked foods pass through the digestive tract much slower than the raw food, tend to ferment, and throw waste back into the body. We may not notice any unpleasant effect while young, because our body is still quite strong and is able to detox itself from these unwanted things. As we grow older, we may notice such signs as fatigue, headaches, arthritis, gastro-intestinal discomfort, allergies, skin eruptions, hormonal imbalances, low back pain, dry skin, and others, BUT we were made to believe that these are normal issues that come with age, so we accept them as normal.

Raw living foods contain phytonutrients, which work synergistically with each other to keep our bodies young, our blood vessels healthy, immune system strong, and our brain clear and sharp. They protect our bodies and prevent and fight diseases. Unfortunately, these phytonutrients are also destroyed in the process of cooking.

A high raw plant-based diet that includes fruits, vegetables, greens, herbs, nuts/seeds, roots/shoots, mushrooms, bark/sap (for medicinal purposes) is healing and supportive to our organism. It helps to remember that every time we eat, we either nourish our body or work against it. Also, remember that a plant-based diet is not about restriction, it is about abundance! Make sure to include sweet fruit, green leafy vegetables, and fatty plant foods in your diet daily, and eat until you’re satisfied! Depending on your current health, it make take more or less time for your body to heal and adjust to the new, healthier eating habits. It’s important to listen to your body and the signals it’s sending you (especially during the first stages of detox) and adjust as you go.  Not everyone can eat all kinds of raw foods as some people’s digestive system is weaker/stronger than others’ – this is where you pay attention to your feelings and turn on your intuition :). Don’t be afraid to experiment and good luck on your journey!



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