How to heal your body from candida and yeast overgrowth on a high carb diet within DAYS


A lot of people with candida and yeast overgrowth issues when switching to a high raw lifestyle and beginning eating a lot of fruits, don’t get these issues resolved or these issues may even worsen.  Does this mean that fresh living foods and fruits are bad for us? Of course, not! Living foods are the most nourishing, vibrant, easy to digest. They can help our bodies heal themselves on a cellular level, make our immune and other body systems  strong and properly working. The only thing we need to do is learn a couple of simple rules – one of them is how to intelligently get out of our body’s way and allow it to do its job.  Most health conditions begin when we feed our body the wrong kind of fuel and lead an unhealthy lifestyle. The common mistake most people make on a high raw or fully raw diet is eating  HIGH AMOUNTS OF FAT.  When we are eating a high carb diet, the fat intake must be low. If we’re eating high amounts of fat, the diet has to be low carb. This rule is crucial for our optimal health, energy, vitality, and overall well-being.

The mistaken notion that eating fruit causes blood-sugar problems underlies most admonitions to steer clear of fruit, especially sweet fruit. Granted, high blood sugar does lead to candida outbreaks, chronic fatigue, hyper- and hypoglycemia, diabetes, and a host of other conditions and diseases, even cancer. Too much sugar is indeed bad for you, though it is almost impossible to get too much sugar from consumption of fresh fruits if you’re a healthy person. Eating fruit is not the cause of high blood sugar, as it is not that simple. When the system is not gummed up with excess fat, the sugar even “high glycemic” fruit moves easily in and then out of the blood. Blood sugar levels in a healthy individual do not vary much in spite. (source)

When fruits are eaten whole, with their fiber intact, as part of a LOW-FAT diet, their sugars do indeed enter the bloodstream relatively quickly. But then they also exit just as quickly, making them the ideal food, one that provides the perfect fuel for human consumption.  The American Diabetes says, “The use of added fructose as a sweetening agent is not recommended; however, there is no reason to recommend that people with diabetes avoid naturally occurring fructose in fruits, vegetables, and other foods.” (source)

The raw food movement is renowned for its use of great quantities of nuts, seeds, avocados, olives, flax and olive oil, coconuts, and other high-fat foods. On a high-fat diet, whether cooked or raw, people experience nutritional deficiencies, plummeting energy, hormone imbalances, intense cravings, and mood swings… everything goes haywire, not the lest of which is blood sugar. On a high-fat diet, the sugar gets trapped in the bloodstream, and the body works overtimes, sometimes to the point of exhaustion and disease, in an effort to move the sugar out of the bloodstream. Meanwhile, the sugar backs up in the blood, creating sustained, elevated blood sugar that wreaks havoc on the body in the form of candida, fatigue, diabetes, etc.

Because all carbohydrates, fats, and proteins that we eat are converted to simple sugar (glucose) if it is to be used by the cells for fuel, the way out of this cycle is not to eat less sugar, but to consume less fat. When fat levels drop, the sugar starts to get processed and distributed again, and the yeast levels decrease because there’s no excess sugar available for it to eat. The candida microbe is extremely short lived. If people suffering from candida and yeast overgrowth would follow a low-fat diet, most of them would find that their candida issues were completely gone in a matter of a few DAYS. Of course, they may still have the underlying pancreatic and adrenal fatigue issues to resolve. Health comes only from healthful living. Also “most type 2 diabetics produce plenty of insulin. Dietary fat hinders its function,” states Dr. Douglas Graham. (source)

I have included a couple of video testimonials of people who were able to heal themselves from candida, and one from Loren Lockman that explains the sugar-fat relationship and tips on how and when to eat fats. Good luck on your journey to health!


** article is for information purposes only and is not intended to treat or diagnose illnesses and health conditions.